Pneumatic Conveying

For over three decades, we’ve specialized in designing and manufacturing air control equipment and systems. Pneumatic conveying is a natural extension of our air management capabilities and a natural choice for moving dry bulk solids efficiently through your plant. 

Many of our components for pneumatic systems have been adapted from our field-proven line of filtration and dust collection equipment. The reliability built into our time-tested Airlocks, Pulse Jet Filters, and Cyclones has been incorporated into systems you can use to streamline product handling and control dust in new or existing facilities.

Our skilled engineers, technicians, and craftsmen create custom solutions designed for your requirements and applicable air quality regulations. AIRLANCO Systems are sized for the commodities you convey, their physical characteristics, and the transfer rates you want to achieve. We make pressure, vacuum, and combination systems so that we can recommend your best option based on design simplicity, economy, and the heat sensitivity of the products you handle.

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Available in AVR Side Bag Removal or ART Top Bag Removal models. Built for high pressure/vacuum operation. Designed specifically to handle your bulk materials.
AVS Bin Vents use pulse jet action to keep pneumatic systems running clean and in compliance with local air quality regulations. Filters product dust and debris captured in conveying air before venting.
Positive Displacement Blower Packages offer a full complement of safety features and both inlet and outlet silencers. Vacuum, pressure, and combination models are available.
Self-contained and ideal for adding minor ingredients like spices or vitamins to food products or colorants to plastics. Features a built-in fan, pulse jet cleaning, and cartridge filters for thorough dust removal.
Use where dry solids need to be moved between areas of differing air pressure. Models available for low and high differential air pressure systems, gravity feeds, and volumetric discharge devices.