Pulse Jet Filter


AIRLANCO Pulse Jet Filters come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and filter bag layouts to fit a broad range of applications. But the cleaning cycle is the same throughout the line. Dust-laden air or gas enters the Pulse Jet Filter through a hopper inlet where it is directed toward a deflector that slows the airflow and causes heavier particles to fall directly into the hopper. 

Lighter airborne particles follow the air stream into the filter area and collect on the outside surfaces of the bag filters. The filtered air then flows into the clean air plenum and exits the unit. Sequential signals from a timer open valves allowing short bursts of compressed air to reverse the airflow in each row of bags. This dislodges the surface dust from the bags so that it falls into the hopper.

AVS - bottom removal pulse jet filter
ABR - bottom removal pulse jet
AST - top removal pulse jet filter
ATD - top bag removal pulse jet filter
ATP - top plenum removal pulse jet filter
AVR - side bag removal pulse jet filter
ART - top bag removal pulse jet filter receiver