LS Radial Blade Fan


LS Fans are normally set up for 1,000 to 15,000 CFM.

This material handling fan can handle heavy particulate loading with no problems.

These fans can be used for negative airlift conveying systems. 


To build your AIRLANCO Fan, our engineers evaluate your facility’s ventilation or dust collection needs and the volume of air that must be moved or cleaned to achieve your desired comfort or air quality level. Their experience ensures that your AIRLANCO Fans will have the right application-sensitive features and meet your requirements.

Radial-Tip Fan Construction:

  • Static and Dynamic Balancing ensures reliable wheel operation.
  • Bearings are sized for the application, whether roller or ball type, and L - 10 rated.
  • V-Belt Drive allows you to change fan speed and CFM with a simple change of pulleys and belts. Safety guards are standard equipment.
  • Wheels and Shafts come with machined keyways and set screws. Carbon or stainless steel shafts are turned, ground, and polished.
  • Housings and Fan Blades come standard in carbon steel but can be ordered in stainless steel, aluminum, HastAlloy, and combinations thereof.
  • Pipe Tap Housing Drains allow continuous draining of moisture from fan housings.
  • Optional Inlet and Outlet Dampers let operators adjust airflow without changing fan speeds.
  • Flanged Inlets and Outlets accommodate your ductwork.
  • Bolted Clean-Out Doors facilitate checking wheel condition and cleaning the fan interior. 
  • Optional Exhaust Stacks are used to elevate air discharge to the exterior of rooms or buildings.
  • Rain Hoods protect both inlets and outlets from rain infiltration.