The AIRAUGER System by AIRLANCO excels at both aerating and unloading storage facilities. If you store perishables like grain or processed foodstuffs, the AIRAUGER System helps maintain proper temperature and moisture levels. During unloading, the AIRAUGER System lets you unload safely and thoroughly – whether you work with grain or other commodities.


The AIRAUGER System utilizes our proprietary technology and equipment to achieve efficient, reliable bin aeration and unloading.


Transfer stored product safely and completely.

With AIRAUGER in place, workers can avoid the hazards associated with manual cleanout: Hazards like exposure to deadly fumigants, toxic dust, and rotating augers. Fans, electric controls, and all serviceable components are mounted outside. So no one has to risk injury to shovel product or maintain equipment inside the bin. AIRAUGER easily empties product that normally bridges or gets hung up inside storage units while workers stay safely outside.