On-Farm MP+ Roof Systems


The strongest, highest quality roof in the business. Period. Available for bins from 30′ (9.14 m) to 60′ (18.28 m) diameter.

The Roof System offers strength and protection that are the best in the business. You get maximum grain protection, superior strength and reliability that are simply unmatched by any other non-structured roof. Why pay more for a structured roof when you can get a high-performance, industry-leading roof system for less?

  • Highest load ratings for wind and snow in the industry, for non-structured roofs.
  • Meets IBC 2011 and ASCE 7-2010 building codes—the only bin roof system in the industry that does!
  • Steep 30° slope sheds moisture and snow quickly and efficiently.
  • G-115 galvanization provides 27% longer life than competitors settling for G-90.
  • ASTM A653 Grade 50 with 50K yield and 65K tensile for the ultimate in strength and durability.
  • Corrugation in flat of roof sheets provides an extra measure of strength.


  • Large pre-formed manway roof opening is standard, featuring a hinged lid and big 5.5 sq. ft. (0.51 m2) opening for easy access. Easy-open lid with big beefy hinges lays flat to avoid wind. Seamless extruded collar (inset) with rubber gasket provides moisture-tight seal when closed. Pre-formed opening makes for simpler construction and tight fit.
  • Specially designed 12-gauge eave clipsconnect roof sheets to sidewalls. “Up” position helps exhaust moisture-laden air. “Down” position preferred for long-term storage. Built-in rib stops keep out pesky birds. Continuous eave ring is used in lieu of clips on 54′ (16.46 m) and 60′ (18.28 m) models and are optional on smaller diameters.
  • Extra-tall 3-3/4″ (9.5 cm) stair-stepped ribs are staggered to provide even greater strength. Hemmed drip edge deflects moisture, eliminates sharp edges to reduce injury and strengthens the cross-section of the roof sheet.
  • Large 36″ (91.4 cm) peak opening provides easy filling and optimal access. A roof ladder from the eave to the peak—plus a roof safety ring—are standard on all models. Easy-open removable cap is standard. Heavy-duty cap for spouting is optional.
  • Oversized bridging ring enhances structural integrity. Splice clamps (inset) and expansion bolts ensure ring segments function as one continuous pipe.
  • Well-designed 2.25 sq. ft. (0.686 m2) roof vents for maximum airflow. Vent openings are pre-punched for easy construction and tight fit and seals. Vents feature seamless raised lip (inset) for improved integrity and moisture resistance.
  • Peak flashing is formed to the ribs to improve resistance to moisture and birds.
  • Safety ring is a continuous round pipe for safer, easier access to and around the roof cap.
  • Extra-large manway is sized for plenty of shoulder-room and easy maneuverability, even for large-framed farmers wearing cold-weather gear!

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