Overhead Bulk Storage Module


Product at a Glance
Overhead Bulk Storage Modules are typically used for the interim holding of material in a processing system, for example the blending of fertilizer ingredients and the holding of products in truck loading systems.

Product Applications
The Overhead Module is designed specifically for the AGI Fertilizer blending tower. The module is designed for the interim holding of fertilizer ingredients as part of the batch weighing process.

AGI Advantage
AGI Fertilizer Tower Module is a 4 or 6 compartment, all Stainless Steel construction bin designed specifically for high throughput fertilizer blending. It is shipped to site in two pieces for rapid installation of the complete unit.


  • Fertilizer Module (10,000 CF Capacity)
  • All Stainless Steel Material
  • Man ways with safety grating
  • Integrated air venting
  • Spout and high level device flanges