AGI FLEXmill Feed System

Learn how the AGI FLEXmill can help your FEED operation.

The AGI FLEXmill has all the advantages and flexibility of a custom designed commercial feed mill at a cost that is economical for on farm feed applications. The modular and flexible design allows you to configure your feed mill for maximum performance and value.  The new FLEXmill design replaces your current system with minimal interruption, our bolt together components allow for easy installation without need for changes to your existing building.  See how it works in this 3D breakdown.

FLEXmill Advantage
The AGI FLEXmill’s multiple ingredient scales significantly speeds up the batching cycle and overall throughput of the mill where capacities of 10 metric tonnes per hour can be achieved. Another significant advantage is the low profile which makes it suitable for retrofits into existing facilities as well as new installations.

Product at a Glance
Predesigned feed batching, grinding and mixing system for feed mills requiring 10 metric tonne or less capacities.

Product Applications
The AGI FLEXmill is a unique packaged feed blending system. It includes multiple scales for weighing of feed ingredients, a hammer mill for grinding grain up to 75 hp, Micro Dosing system and Horizontal paddle mixer.



  • Micro Dosing up to 24 Bins
  • Macro ingredient Tote Dosing System
  • Hammer Mill Motor sizes from 40 to 75 HP