Commercial Grain Storage Systems


With commercial grain storage systems on six continents, AGI has proven its ability to engineer high capacity, high performance commercial grain storage systems over more than a half century.

We know there is no one solution to commercial grain storage. So we ask the right questions (and plenty of them!) up front to ensure that the system we design specifically for you will do what you need it to do: Protect grain quality. Keep personnel safer. Provide you with an outstanding value without compromising the integrity, strength and stability of your commercial grain storage system.

Our commitment to precision manufacturing technology, detailed engineering and high quality materials gives you the confidence that you’ve made the right choice by investing in commercial grain storage from AGI.

A custom approach to every bin design. Every commercial bin we quote and build is designed for your specific installation, site and function. We’ll consider seismic conditions, frequency of loading and unloading, construction over a concrete hopper, types of material being handled, and other variables. We do our homework ahead of time so you get the system that makes sense for your operation and your budget.

The confidence to offer a 5-year warranty on commercial storage bins. We’ve made an unwavering commitment to outstanding innovation and engineering, high quality materials, and the latest in manufacturing technology. So we have absolute confidence in the ability of our commercial storage bins to perform over the years.

Industry-leading safety equipment & accessibility. From sturdy ladders and stairs to roomy access doors—everything we do is focused on making your commercial grain storage system as safe and easy to use as possible. These built-in features can help you comply with OSHA guidelines.

Unmatched strength & integrity at a competitive price. Our commercial grain storage systems combine high-capacity storage, outstanding longevity and performance, and unique design features with a very competitive price. Our wide range of options and ability to match our systems to your specific application enhance our ability to keep your system priced right without compromising quality.

Precise engineering for easier construction. Bolt holes that line up. Sheets that are right sized, sized consistently and traceable. Sensible bundling of materials for easier handling on the job site. It all adds up to savings of time, labor and headaches.

Innovative design that solves big problems. We’ve engineered features that address key issues such as personal safety, easier access, moisture resistance, structural integrity, stability and long-term performance.

AGI offers you a range of roof systems to match your commercial installation requirements and your budget.
Strength and stability are engineered into our bins - because when it comes to protecting grain and people - details matter.
We design and build our commercial hopper bins to stand up to the constant use typical in a commercial grain storage operation. That goes double for the working parts of the hopper bottom where trucks go and grain flows on a daily basis.
We offer a wide range of industry-leading stairs and ladders that are a perfect match to our commercial grain storage systems—at a competitive price.