Bulk Weigh Hoppers


Product at a Glance
As part of a complete batching and blending system, the bulk weigh hoppers capture discrete weights for each ingredient added to a blend of feed or fertilizer products.

Product Applications
AGI manufactures a wide variety of configurations for the weighing of feed and fertilizer ingredients. AGI manufactures bulk weigh hoppers in both carbon steel and stainless steel and a variety of gate styles to make the application and configuration of the batching system.

AGI Advantage
Critical to the design of the bulk weigh hopper is flow of material out of the hopper and thorough clean out, a reliable leak free gate and managing air flow in and out of the hopper. AGI has extensive experience in both feed and fertilizer batching applications to ensure that these critical elements are met.


  • Robust design to withstand a high duty cycle of loading and unloading
  • Discharge gates with air, electric and hydraulic operators
  • Stainless Steel materials for Fertilizer applications
  • High quality load cells for reliable measurement


  • Dust housings for internal venting