Stiffeners & Sidewalls


The industry standard for strength, quality and long life.


  • Optional side draw unloading allows for high-speed, economical bin unloading. This optional side draw design package includes upgrades such as heavier stiffeners, sidewalls and wind rings to ensure structural integrity.
  • Wind rings are standard on larger sizes and optional on others and can be easily mounted to the stiffeners. Wind rings provide improved wind load–and help maintain the round bin shape when using off center unloading such as a side draw system.
  • Prepunched wind ring holes simplify the installation of wind rings.
  • G115 galvanizing of stiffeners provides up to 27% longer life. Stiffeners are ASTM A653 Grade 55 with 55K yield and 70K tensile (except 18 gauge).
  • 12 gauge splice ensures that stiffeners are properly butted to effectively transfer sidewall load to the foundation.


  • G-115 galvanizing
  • ASTM A653 Grade 50 with 50K yield and 65K tensile
  • 2.66″ (6.76 cm) corrugation (the industry standard)
  • 27% longer life thanks to G-115 galvanizing.
  • Base stiffeners on Ag-Comm bins are used to anchor the bin to the concrete foundation for strength, stability and bin integrity.