Take the guesswork out of seed treating with AGI STORM

STORM FX² Features
  • Engineered for accuracy: The STORM FX² can accurately apply two separate treatment products simultaneously with its two multi-line peristaltic pumps - each with its own calibration cylinder. It supports a wide range of treatment rates and types, while being simple and easy to use.

  • Developed for all commodities: It has a reversible hydraulic mixer, equipped with poly-cupped flighting for gentle and consistent application of treatments. The new design prioritizes gentle handling of all commodities.

  • Designed for reducing mess: The fully enclosed treatment metering system, featuring dry lock couplers, allows users to connect directly to treatment containers to reduce mess and exposure. Intuitive access points and rear door allow easy access to clean the system thoroughly to reduce build-up and contamination.

  • Built for flexibility: The STORM FX² comes equipped with a self-propelled, heavy-duty mover kit that includes four-wheel steering and spring-loaded walking axles for easy navigation on all terrain.

See all the features of the STORM FX² seed treater in this video.  

STORM PRO Features
  • Engineered for high treating speeds: The STORM PRO is the fastest seed treater on the market, capable of treating at speeds of 2,700 lbs/min. Equipped with an advanced high-speed metering conveyor, high throughput atomizing chamber and efficient mixer, making it fast and easy to use.

  • Developed for gentle handling and easy clean out: It uses a reversible hydraulically powered mixer that utilizes poly-cupped flighting and a boot that is designed to provide consistent application and reduce build-up. A rear clean-out door and five access ports allow for exceptional clean-out while reducing user exposure.

  • Designed for accuracy: Its patented auto-calibration features a simplified control system that completely automates the calibration process. Calibrations can be performed at any time to ensure accuracy and the multi-line peristaltic pumps are easy to configure to suit a wide range of treatment products and application rates.

  • Designed for flexibility: The STORM PRO is fully self-powered and does not need an external power source. It can be used as a mobile or stationary unit.

See all the features of the STORM PRO seed treater in this video.

Do you own a STORM Seed Treater?

Check out this video on how to do a seed density test. A proper seed density test, along with proper calibration, determines the accuracy of the AGI STORM seed treater.

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