Specifically engineered for farm and other light-duty applications, Eclipse is the revolutionary tower & catwalk solution for grain handling and equipment support.

Built to handle the harshest environments and most rigorous operating schedules, Eclipse towers use a roll-formed “C” channel design constructed from 12-gauge heavy-duty galvanized steel.  The result is a comprehensive system that offers more strength, safety and stability than simple angle-iron products at comparable – or in many cases — a lower cost to you.

Plus Eclipse’s modular design means fast and easy assembly that reduces erection time and costs, and are available in a wide range of tower section sizes, conveyor support configurations and accessory components that allow you to custom design an Eclipse system that’s perfect for your needs.

When you add up the features and benefits Eclipse provides, the choice becomes clear.  Quality materials…superior engineering…modular construction for greater versatility and faster rection…”Rock Solid” stability of enhanced safety and easy access…all for the same or lower costs than other products on the market?

It’s a Slam Dunk!


4-Leg Tower Bases                                      

  • 6', 8' and heavy-duty 18' base tower sections available.
  • 18' heavy-duty based tower required for tower assemblies exceeding 62'.

Tower Sections

  • Available in 2' increments up to 62' in height.
  • Available in 4' increments up to 62' in height.
  • Build to a maximum height of 82'.

2-Leg Towers

  • 6' or 8' base tower sections available.
  • Sections in lengths from 8' to 40' in 4' increments.
  • Tower-to-ground or bin mount.
  • Maximun 35' un-braced height above bin.
  • Bin-mount brackets included and optional cross support is available.

Kicker Assembly

  • Attaches to sides of 2-leg tower.
  • Spans approx. 20'.
  • 8" wide top mounting surface for field fabrication of equipment mounting brackets.


  • With the exception of the 48"x52" model, all top platforms can be used with ladder assemblies.
  • All platforms include 14-gauge perforated landings and 4" kickplate.


  • 48"x52" Top Platform
  • 52"x72" Top Platform
  • 72"x96" Top Platform
  • 42"x66" Rest Platform

Platform Extension:

  • 26"x144" design.
  • Package incorporates a 12' non-trussed manwalk and a single-side of a kicker assembly.

Conveyor Supports

  • 52" wide in lengths from 8' to 40' in 4' increments.
  • Maximum 40' clear span and up to 80' span with center supported by bin peak.
  • Includes a trussed handrail design in conjunction with top and intermediate details.
  • Walkway utilizes 14-gauge galvanized steel that is perforated to provide a non-slip surface. Single piece design incorporates a 4" kickplate.
  • Perforated walkway surfaces in 4', 6', 8' and 10' lengths.



  • 26" wide in lengths from 8' to 40' in 4' increments.
  • Maximum 40' free-span.
  • Supports up to 300 lb point live loan.
  • 90 mph wind load and dead load.
  • Perforated walkway surfaces in 4', 6', 8' and 10' lengths.


  • 26" wide in 10' and 12' lengths. 12' lengths utilizes 2-piece walkwat design.
  • Maximun span equal to length of individual manwalk assemblies.
  • Uses a 14-gauge perforated walkway surface with 4" kickplate.

Ladder & Cages

  • Available for all tower heights.
  • Can be ordered without intermediate platforms in heights up to 52'.
  • Intermediate platforms included as required on heights above 52'.

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