Portable Augers

When you make only one product, you get to be very good at it. Since 1951, AGI Westfield has developed and refined the best grain augers available. We’ve learned that farmers want affordable, simple, straightforward designs for labor saving performance and dependability. Through a commitment to farm proven designs and innovation, AGI Westfield has earned a solid reputation for superior quality products. AGI Westfield takes pride in developing the grain auger industry in order to improve the profitability and lifestyle of farmers today. Built with the best materials, components and features, AGI Westfield provides value and performance you can count on. This is our promise and the reason why we're an industry leader.

The next generation of AGI Westfield’s swingaway augers are built to handle up to 23,000 bph. They are redesigned to last longer and make servicing easier.
The heavy-duty, high capacity MKX 16 Auger comes with an electric remote swing hopper for added convenience, while it's A-frame undercarriage is built to hold the
auger in position.
The MKX 13 enhancements include: precision engineered auger flighting, commercial strength frame and trussing and easier-to-use hopper, for unmatched dependability and serviceability.
The MKX 10 is everything you have come to expect from a Westfield 10" swing auger with all of the performance enhancements of the MKX 13 and 16 Series.
AGI Westfield’s latest auger, the X Series, uses a scissor lift frame with cross members to maximize reach and reduce swaying, keeping the auger in place once it has been positioned at the bin.
The UTX is a U-Trough auger featuring triple banded belts to reduce slippage, a self-leveling motor, and a re-engineered Self-Propelled Mover Kit to make setting up at the bin a breeze.
The STX2 features a heavy-duty motor mount designed to handle high horsepower, heavy auger engines, giving you the flexibility to use the engine you want.
Customizable to suit any situation, the WR Series is available in 6" to 13" diameters, lengths from 26' to 71' and capacities up to 7,800 bph.
AGI’s line of Westfield WRX Truck Augers feature a solid tube drive guard, Wear Edge Technology™, and four different drive systems to choose from to meet your specific
The MK80 Series features an A-frame undercarriage to withstand bowing and maintain rigid alignment during heavy loads.
Utility augers available in 4", 6", 8", 10" and 13" diameters and various lengths can be used at grain bins or bulk tanks.