Our History

AGI: 2019 and Our Future

We’re a thriving agricultural products and services company comprised of global, industry-leading brands, and we’re only just getting started.

Our future is full of activity and expansion as we focus both on the products and producers that got us started, as well as on continued expansion into commercial solutions and systems that are part of the world’s food infrastructure.

Today we operate across five business platforms:

AGI operates across five platforms: Seed, Fertilizer, Grain, Feed, and Food

We partner with customers on six continents:

AGI partners with customers across six continents: North America, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, Africa

And we provide products, services, and solutions within seven business components:

AGI provides products and services across seven component areas: Storage, Structures, Handling, Controls, Process, Project Management, and Engineering

Established in 1996: Ag Growth International

AGI is built upon the vision of founders Rob Stenson, Art Stenson, and Gary Anderson, whose collective wisdom, values, and entrepreneurial spirit continue to fuel our success today.

1996 to 2004: Expansion and Growth

Over the next eight years, our founders grew the business by acquiring complementary companies to expand our manufacturing capabilities and gain access to an extensive dealer network. Acquisitions included widely recognized and respected brand names like Manitoba-based Wheatheart Manufacturing, with its specialty agricultural products, as well as Westfield Industries, an established leader in grain auger manufacturing.

2004-2014: Initial Public Offering and Continued Growth

In May 2004, we issued an initial Public Offering and continued to grow and diversify geographically. We also expanded our portfolio of respected brands by adding Grain Guard, KEHO, Hi Roller®, Twister, and Union Iron.

2015: A Year of Growth and Change

2015 was a big year for AGI with many more acquisitions. The largest in our company history was Westeel, which solidified our market-leading ability to provide unparalleled service and the broadest product catalogue in markets close to home. The Westeel acquisition also included PTM Technology and FRAME, which continued our expansion into international markets.

2016 to 2018: Expansion and International Markets

With continued organic growth, geographic expansion, and product and market diversification, our notable acquisitions during this period included companies in the fertilizer, seed, feed, and food sectors. We added VIS, Mitchell Mill Systems (MMS) and Yargus Manufacturing to our roster, as well as our second largest acquisition in company history: Global Industries. With its strong platform in the grain handling, conditioning, and storage equipment markets, Global Industries’ portfolio of brands include MFS, York, Stormor, Brownie, GTS, Hutchinson, Mayrath, NECO, and Sentinel.