Grain Bins

Strong, corrugated bins for storing the world's most valuable resources.

Westeel Stiffened Grain Bins provide the strength and cost effectiveness ideal for small commercial operations and large farms.
Westeel Unstiffened Wide-Corr Grain Bins are made of heavy gauge corrugated galvanized steel ensuring its strength and durability.
Every MFS Storage System is engineered for strength, safety, easy accessibility, and outstanding value—offering you commercial-grade quality at a competitive price.
Ag-Comm grain storage systems from MFS are engineered for structural integrity, unmatched strength, and the ultimate in protection of grain quality.
Commercial grain storage systems from MFS are engineered to handle large volumes of grain efficiently— while protecting the quality of the grain and the safety of the people working with it.
AGI EZEE-DRY is the industry’s first-ever roof-top grain drying system.
FRAME Commercial Silos allow for greater fill/empty frequencies and can accommodate higher specifications based on whichever design standard, ASAE/ANSI, DIN 1055 Part 6 or Eurocode, is requested.
Available in capacities up to 684,240 bushels. Unload options include high capacity 11" U-trough unload, 8" or 10" tube unload, 7" power sweep, large center hopper, and pre-positioned intermediate hopper.