Precise control distributors that provide trouble-free operation and rugged dependability.

Sizes from 150mm(6″) to 300mm(12″). Larger sizes are available. One inlet and single outlets. Dual inlet and single outlets. Quick access doors. Mild or stainless steel. Manual and electric control.
Compact, easy and quick to install HSI's 45° Model Manual Distributor takes up less height and has lower operating costs.
The 60° Model Manual Distributor allows for integration into larger control systems.
Our 45° Double Manual Distributor model has the same quality features and benefits as HSI single distributors.
HSI's Electric Distributor's programmable controller allows integration with other computer controlled systems.
With single, double or triplet inlet, the 60° Electric Distributor is precision engineered for positive results.
Providing more flexibility to your facility, HSI's Double Electric Distributor has discharge outlet sizes ranging from 12” to 36” diameters.
For directing material using gravity to one of many destination bulk material storage bins. An electrically-operated internal spout can be positioned to mate to an outlet spout connected to the destination bin.