Chain Conveyors

Small to large processing applications with minimum product degradation.

Drag conveyors are well suited to handle bulk materials including grain and grain by products, fertilizer, livestock and poultry feed ingredients, aggregates and other free flowing bulk materials gently over a moderate distance and can be configured to operate at an incline.
Galvanized construction on all standard units. Bolt-together construction for ease of maintenance and proper alignment. Range of capacities from 1,000 BPH to 25,000 BPH.
Two configurations available: Straight Incline (ID) or Curved Section Incline (IDC). Range of incline up to 45 degrees on both models. IDC elbow available in 5-degree increments.
Hutchinson's permanent handling chain conveyors allow for efficient, gentle transport of your grain, feed or seed.
Move your grain, feed or seed gently and efficiently with Mayrath's permanent handling chain conveyor offering.
Capacity: Up to 100M.T.P.H. at 45% conveyor loading. Direct coupled gearbox, chain and sprocket. "V" belt drive systems are available. Heavy duty construction, mild steel or stainless steel fabrication.
Capacities up to 200M.T.P.H. Heavy duty take up units ensure that the chain stays tight. Direct coupled gearbox, chain and sprocket , “V" belt drive systems are available.
Capacity up to 300M.T.P.H. No carryover of free flowing dry product when used to fill multiple bin systems and when operated in the ultra clean mode.
Capacities up to 150M.T.P.H. at 95% conveyor loading. Heavy-duty take up units ensure chain stays tight. Heavy duty construction, mild steel or stainless steel fabrication.
Capacities up to 500M.T.P.H. Heavy-duty take up units ensure that the chain stays tight. Direct coupled gearbox, chain, and sprocket, “V" belt drive systems available.
Series of four models used to convey cereals on large farms and in small to medium-sized grain storage plants.
Best suited for installation in small storage centers for the conveyance of grain, flours and their by-products
Widely used in medium storage plants for any grain product, flour, or pellets, and in industrial plants
Transports grain product such as cereal and oil seeds, as well as other products where high capacities and/or wearing resistance is possible
Typically installed in large storage plants (ex. port terminals) and in industrial plants specializing in oil extraction and bio-fuels
Designed to meet the needs of large storage and cargo plants, with high hourly capacities, such as port terminals and industrial plants
To transfer or extract granulated or powdered products along a straight horizontal or sloping trajectory. Transport products over long distances at very high flow rates without damage. Low energy consumption.
Designed to handle challenging materials such as wet and sticky products, varied sizes and densities, as well as abrasive or corrosive materials, under severe conditions with years of dependable service.
An air-supported belt conveyor designed to convey free-flowing dry products in all types of industries, especially in applications where dust containment is crucial.
En-Masse Conveyor provides years of trouble-free use under extreme applications. Frequently used in chemical, coal, food, grain, municipal solid waste, mining, plastic, paper, pulp and rubber applications.
The TRAMCO Model RB Conveyor is specifically designed for the handling of soft stock or materials that are easily crumbled or broken, such as seed, feed, pellets and other fragile materials.
Designed to work where loading angles are too steep for a standard belt conveyor, the Yargus Chain Paddle Conveyor loads efficiently, is environmentally sound, and is easy to service and maintain.
Layco's Flat Wire Chain Conveyor is available in 12", 18", and 24" widths. Units are designed to be portable or stationary and as blender loadout conveyors.
Suitable for under roof or on top of roof use, the Horizontal Chain Paddle is available in 90- to 400-tons-per-hour capacities.