AGI’s next-gen augers deliver high capacity with low HP for Canadian farms

Winnipeg, MB, February 9, 2023 – Ag Growth International Inc. (“AGI”) has added the next generation of hardworking, swing hopper augers – the AGI Westfield MKX2/X2 and AGI X2 series – to its lineup of high quality, portable grain handling solutions. Manufactured in Rosenort, Manitoba, these new augers deliver affordable versatility and a wide range of options for high-capacity performance with greater serviceability.

“We are excited to introduce this next-gen auger series to farmers and dealers,” said Matthew Manness, AGI Director of Global Product Management for Portable Material Handling. "The auger may be one of the most hardworking pieces of equipment on a grain operation. They tend to run long hours at high capacities during harvest and spend most of their time exposed to the elements. So, they must be durable as well as reliable. AGI engineered these next-gen augers to extend lifespan, reduce downtime, increase serviceability, and provide high-capacity output and efficiency.”

Engineered to meet the challenges of growing Canadian farm operations, AGI Westfield MKX2/X2 and AGI X2 augers, deliver a wide range of options to suit diverse farm and yard conditions. Designed for efficient delivery of grain into bins or trucks, the augers are available in 10-inch, 13-inch and 16-inch diameters with capacities up to 23,000 bushels per hour. Auger length options include AGI Westfield MKX2 A-frames from 53-feet to 125-feet; AGI Westfield X2 scissor lifts from 63-feet to 94-feet, and AGI X2 from 63-feet to 125-feet.

Farmers and equipment dealers will discover engineering innovations that improve serviceability and boost durability.

  • Innovation. The design of the new open-end discharge spout is industry leading. Featured on all AGI Westfield MKX2 /X2 and AGI X2 augers, the discharge spout delivers a faster, more efficient flow of grain reducing horsepower requirements up to 20 percent.
  • Serviceability. Easy-to-access service points allow for quick inspection and maintenance of hopper u-joints, chains, and bearings. Larger access and clean-out doors on the boot provide easy entry to internal gearboxes and bearings.
  • Durability. Augers (13-inch and 16-inch) feature Abrasive Resistant (AR) flighting in high stress grain transfer areas. AR lasts three times longer than regular flighting, saving time and money to replace worn out flighting. AGI's new auger series features Wear Edge TechnologyTM in the hopper flights, transition flight and swing tube flight. Tapered bearings increase lifespan along with hanger bearings that support the lower flight. These bearings reduce noise and enhance the assembly process. Augers (13-inch and 16-inch series) feature galvanized steel cables and steel tube trusses which add strength and stability.

“With a focus on continuous improvement, AGI has made important design changes to optimize auger efficiencies and simplify workload for both farmers and equipment dealers,” said Manness.

All augers come with a wide range of options including hydraulic hopper winch, X-Tend hopper, X-Over hopper, electric and hydraulic power swings, 1000 rpm speed reducer, LED work lights, steerable axle, right angle drive kits, transport lights, and more.

For more than seven decades, AGI’s Westfield and AGI brands have led the auger industry by improving the efficiency and bottom line for farmers. AGI’s portable grain handling equipment offers an industry leading limited two-year warranty and is manufactured with quality materials and features that provide value and performance. To learn more about AGI’s next-generation augers and other portable and permanent grain handling, storage and conditioning solutions (or to find a local dealer), visit

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AGI is a provider of solutions for global food infrastructure including seed, fertilizer, grain, feed, and food processing systems. AGI has manufacturing facilities in Canada, the United States, Brazil, India, France, and Italy and distributes its product globally.

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