Take your farm to the next level with an energy efficient grain dryer

What is REAP?

The USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) offers grants and guaranteed loans to encourage renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvement upgrades to increase American energy independence. The program will pay up to 50 percent of the cost of installing a new technology, such as a mixed flow dryer, that saves energy.​

Since REAP began, it has awarded over $700 million to thousands of farms and rural small businesses. This includes $361 million in grants and loans for more than 2,900 renewable energy systems. Altogether, these systems are expected to generate more than 6 billion kilowatt hours annually – enough to power more than 5.5 million homes for a year.​  

What is eligible?

Eligible energy efficiency improvement projects include: 
- Grain dryers
- Irrigation motors
- Heating systems
- Lighting​

What AGI products are eligible?

Eligible products could include technologies like AGI and AGI BinManager® grain monitoring systems

What are the program deadlines?

Upcoming application deadlines are:
- June 30, 2024 ​
- September 30, 2024​

How much can I receive?

You can receive up to 50 percent of the eligible costs for a project that reduces energy usage or produces renewable energy.​
- Renewable energy system grant amounts: $2,500 min to $1,000,000 max
- Energy efficiency grant amounts: $1,500 min to $500,000 max​

How can AGI help?

To file a REAP grant and streamline the process, you will need to secure a third-party grant writer or work with an AGI dealer who can connect you to a local source. AGI also provides the grant writer with the data needed to prove the energy efficiency gained with a mixed flow dryer or AGI BinManager system.

How do I get more information?

REAP website:

REAP grant writers
We recommend potential grant applicants interview several grant writers and select the one they are most comfortable with.

You can find a grant writer by searching the USDA REAP website, doing an online search or through your local dealer. On the USDA REAP website, type “REAP grant writers” in the search field and a list will be generated by state.

Talk to your local AGI dealer to learn more about REAP and AGI mixed flow dryers.

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