C-Ring Secondary Containment

AGI Westeel’s C-Ring® Secondary Containment System represents a dramatic step forward over traditional secondary containment systems.

A superior solution for protecting against liquid spills that can contaminate soil and groundwater, C-Ring® has become the preferred option for numerous applications in North American oil, gas, petrochemical and agricultural industries.

Built tough using high strength 50-ksi steel and extra heavy duty G115 galvanizing, AGI Westeel’s C-Ring® is made to withstand the harshest environmental conditions while providing excellent corrosion resistance. And, for added flexibility, its modular design ensures that it can be both easily installed and custom configured for just about any size or application.

Zero Ground Disturbance® System Featuring a completely augerless design, the AGI Westeel Zero Ground Disturbance Secondary Containment System uses exterior above-ground braces that are attached to the walls. Because the system requires no auger to drill post holes, Zero Ground is perfect for installation at remote sites and on frozen ground.

Options Available
  • Cross over ladder
  • Provides safe entrance and exit from containment system
  • Heavy gauge steel construction, galvanized handrails, stringers and treads provide for extended life and durability
  • Cross over stairs
  • Provide safe entrance and exit from containment system
  • Models available to accommodate all heights of containment rings
  • Heavy gauge steel construction, galvanized handrails, stringers and treads provide for extended life and durability
  • Extension pieces are available to allow extra span clearance over piping and other instances where an increased span is required
  • Exceeds OSHA requirements
  • Concrete support braces
  • Allow for surface mounting to existing or new concrete pads, come complete with hardware
  • Round ring anchor kits
  • Heavy duty anchors provide additional security for the C-Ring containment system in areas prone to high winds or external flooding
  • Clean-out door
  • Permits regular cleaning and maintenance of crude oil tanks
  • Engineered and tested for easy installation
  • 18″ opening for easy de-sanding
  • Liner attachment packages
  • Top mount liner for use with liquid fertilizer or corrosive liquid applications Bottom mount liner for use with flammable liquids
  • Powder coat paint
  • On request, we can powder coat paint the panels to match surroundings or corporate colors, or comply with federal approved colors on State or Provincial lands
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