They’re the perfect solution for high volume water storage where ponds are not possible or available. AGI Westeel Above Ground Storage Systems are ideal for environmentally responsible storage and evaporation of load fluids, fresh water, formation fluids, waste fluids, brine; as well as many other markets where the short and long term requirements of large volume fluid management are required.

Extremely economical, a typical pond pays for itself after just two uses (compared to renting). The system costs less to transport as most installs can fit onto a single truck and site preparation costs are minimal as perfect leveling isn't required. AGI Westeel recommends the use of engineered liner systems. Please consult your AGI Westeel sales representative for more information.

Additional Features

Smart modular design

Westeel ponds are available in both standard models as well as custom configurations with tank diameters from 51' to 510', moving up in 3' increments. The modular design also allows for easy expansion or panel replacement.

Built with safety in mind

Developed for safety and maximum flexibility, AGI Westeel’s Above Ground Water Storage System is highly visible, significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents for humans and wildlife as compared to traditional pit systems.

Rapid order turnarounds

AGI Westeel Above Ground Storage ponds are produced in a state-of-the-art Westeel facility using computerized manufacturing techniques. This not only ensures a quality product that fits together perfectly in the field, it also allows for rapid turnaround on most orders.

Exceeds standards

Design safety margins for AGI Westeel’s Above Ground Water Storage System are in excess of 2.5 times the amounts required by the AWWA Standard D103-09. Additionally, they can be manufactured to meet the specific seismic requirements of any location. Don’t risk your business by using lesser products. Trust Westeel.

Options Available
  • Standard bolted seams for mid- and long-term storage platforms
  • Egress doors (for use on assemblies and disassembles only)
  • Configurations with diameters from 51’ – 510’
  • Fluid level indicators
  • Ladders (internal and external)
  • Can be manufactured to meet location’s seismic requirements
  • Piping supports, brace assemblies, platforms, spiral stairs and ladders
  • Pass-through rails
  • 4” and 6” periscope inflow/outflow assemblies
  • Plastic liner clamps (short-term installs)
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