C-Ring™ Secondary Containment System

Westeel C-Ring Secondary Containment System Image
Westeel C-Ring Secondary Containment System

Westeel's C-Ring™ Secondary Containment System is a dramatic step forward over traditional secondary containment systems.

A superior solution for protecting against liquid spills that can contaminate soil and groundwater, C-Ring™ has become the preferred option for numerous applications in the North American oil, gas, petrochemical and agricultural industries.

Built tough using high strength 50-ksi steel and extra heavy duty G115 galvanizing, Westeel's C-Ring™ is made to withstand the harshest environmental conditions while providing excellent corrosion resistance. And, for added flexibility, its modular design ensures that it can be both easily installed and custom configured for just about any size or application.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Easier to install and maintain than traditional containment systems
  • Precision cutting and hole punching for easy fit and assembly
  • Exceeds all environmental guidelines
  • Modular design and varying panel heights and lengths allow for expansion or layout change
  • C-Ring™ can be dismantled and moved from site to site
  • Heavy gauge 90° corners available for rectangular and square systems
  • 45 degree, radius or custom angled corners available for custom system layouts
  • Standard or customizable sizes and shapes including but not limited to round, square, rectangle, and oblong.
  • Economical to transport, exportable or sea can friendly (often multiple units can fit in 20' or 40' ocean shipping containers)
  • Exportable or sea can friendly (often multiple units can fit in 20’ or 40’ ocean shipping containers)
  • Professionally engineered and manufactured in Westeel’s ISO certified facility


  • Custom configurations
  • Cross over stairs
  • Powder coat painted systems
  • C-Ring™ wellhead containment systems
  • Wall panel support options (heavy structural channel anchor posts, zero ground disturbance supports or concrete/asphalt supports)
  • Cross over steps
  • Divider walls to split large multiple tank containment cells
  • Top mount liner for use with liquid fertilizer or corrosive liquid applications
  • Cross over ladders
  • Platform extensions for stairs to allow for additional clearance
  • Clean-out hatch (de-sand)
  • Bottom mount liner for use with flammable liquids


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