SureTrack Ready


What does SureTrack Ready mean? 
SureTrack Ready means equipment is compatible with the AGI SureTrack platform, available on any internet connected device. Equipment integration can be as simple as reporting for fuel efficiency, or as complex as automating fans on a grain storage system. Regardless of the level of integration, all the data captured drives optimal production and builds traceability. 

End-Users Extras: 

  • Secure Data – AGI SureTrack never sells data and is certified Ag Data Transparent. 
  • Automation – Control fans, heaters and dryers based on optimal conditions. Save energy by allowing the automated system to use appropriate ambient air.  
  • Scientifically-driven technology – Data collected throughout the growing season adds value. It’s already there, why not put it to work for profit? 
  • Service Optimization – Automated service notifications save time and money. Whether it’s a notice to grease a bearing or a power down alarm, every bit of information allows the customer to operate more efficiently. 

By contacting your local AGI Dealer or Sales Representative, you can identify the equipment accessories necessary to transmit the data to the SureTrack software solution. If your equipment has a “SureTrack Ready” identifier, you could be viewing your data on your mobile phone in no time!