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AGI Temporary Storage with Savings on Simple Installation and Low Risk 

AGI has manufactured the Temp-Stor temporary grain storage system since 2000. Hundreds of Temp-Stor systems have been installed over the globe at country elevators, river, rail terminals, and even large farms. With over 20 years in the market, we are confident that our Temp-Stor system will meet our customers’ unique needs because of its versatility and ease-of-installation. 

Quality, Stored - The standard AGI Temp-Stor aeration system provides an airflow rate of 1/10 CFM per bushel; higher airflow rates are available as needed. Temp-Stor’s industry-leading airflow rates ensure grain quality is maintained so loss is minimized. 

Economic Advantages - AGI Temp-Stor systems require limited capital investment: as low as $.09 per bushel. With a newly launched install package, our team can help buyers facilitate even simpler and faster install times, saving elevators time and money by reducing build-times.  

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