2023 Safety Week Recap


From April 24 – 28, we held our third consecutive annual AGI Safety Week to provide training, create awareness on safe work practices and develop safety priorities for all AGI’s facilities. The theme of this year’s Safety Week was Everyone has a Hand in Safety, focusing on the importance of hand safety.

Everyone Has a Hand in Safety

The following 5 safety practices can prevent hand injuries in the workplace:

1. Choose the glove that best protects against the hazards you are likely to encounter.
2. Make sure tool handles extend across the entire palm to avoid pinched nerves.
3. When using tools like pliers or wire cutters, make sure handle spread – distance between fingers and palm – is minimal.
4. Select power tools with trigger switches for middle finger or thumb to balance tools and relieve finger stress.
5. Limit exposure to high vibrating tools to avoid circulation damage, pinched nerves, and tendon stress.

Our annual Safety Week let’s us focus on our commitment to continuously improve the safety of our workplace and to ensure that each employee returns home safely every day.

Hear from our team about what safety means to them!