Seed is where it all starts. The clean, high-quality seed that farmers plant at the start of each growing season requires unique storage, conditioning, treatment and handling solutions.  AGI has innovative products and full solutions that are designed to overcome challenges that affect modern day farm and commercial operations. 

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Custom equipment and solutions for handling, conveyance, storage, treatment, and processing of seed, from planning to design to installation.

AGI has been creating precision, highly efficient, and cost-effective seed solutions and total systems since the 1980’s. Our dedication to providing optimal customer solutions when working with seed has driven us to create equipment that delivers speed, safety, durability, and convenience.

Seed Systems and Solutions

AGI specializes in high quality, secure, long-term storage solutions. Our smoothwall bins are designed with interior epoxy coatings that include slip additives to promote material flow while also offering superior clean-out.
AGI continues to be a global leader in seed handling solutions and total systems. AGI conveyors are designed to eliminate hazardous emissions, while also increasing efficiency. Our handling equipment provides totally enclosed solutions that increase handling possibilities. AGI augers and air systems deliver unparalleled speed and longevity.
Superior seed treatment capabilities for producer and commercial businesses. Customers rely on speed, accuracy and flexibility to get the job done fast, while meeting the latest industry requirements for seed treating. AGI delivers on that promise.
AGI divisions specializing in seed solutions and total systems draw upon a wealth of knowledge and experience which is applied throughout our intricate design and build process. This has led to advancements with our conveyors, treatment equipment, augers, and air systems.