Standard mixers and customizable blending systems to suit your commercial or farm applications.

Turnkey blending facilities, from large scale, flat shed storage with advanced hi-speed declining weight blending systems, to expandable batch or volumetric hopper bin storage and blending systems.
Consistently mix flours with a 5 or 6 % inclusion of oil and grease. Low electricity consumption and minimized retention and contamination. Integral wide-angle emptying hatch.
Very short mixing time in the order of 10 to 60 seconds depending on the type of component. No segregation during the mixing phase. Ideal for mixes containing products with different gradings and densities.
Available in mild or stainless steel, Yargus Conditioner's slope screens provide bypass of good material for higher output.
With a variety of finish levels to suit each application, the Layco Performance Mixer mixes and coats product at a quick rate through dual 50 HP motors with a capacity of up to 8 tons.