Milling equipment for rice milling, pulses processing, maize (corn) milling and seeds processing

Cleaning Equipment

MILLTEC Pre Cleaner is designed to cater to the pre-cleaning requirements of all types of grain processing (Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Soya, Pluses, and Seeds etc.)
MILLTEC De-Stoner removes stones, foreign particles, mud, lumps from the infeed product on the basis of density difference by adjusting the aspiration system.
MILLTEC Classifier efficiently separates food grain impurities and grades different product sizes. The inbuilt Self-Clean system ensures optimum efficiency during the production cycle.

Parboiling & Drying Equipment

MILLTEC offers a fully automatic solid fuel-fired IBR steam boiler which is designed as per Indian Boiler regulations and has high thermal efficiency.
With MILLTEC's Online Cooker, the paddy is steamed or boiled automatically with a PLC controlled heating system.
The MILLTEC Fluidized Bed Dryer system consists of a blower and fluidisation chamber. The air blown is passed through the wet paddy, and it also fluidises and moves the paddy.
The MILLTEC Raw Paddy Dryer is specially designed to serve all varieties of paddy to reduce grain moisture content for safe storage.

Grading & Sorting Equipment

MILLTEC Tray Separator can efficiently separate paddy and brown rice by its differential density. The separated products are discharged via three outlets for brown rice, paddy and a mixture of paddy and rice.
MILLTEC's Rotary Sifter, specifically designed for rice, has a wedge clamping mechanism for better sieve frame clamping & positive leak-proof which enhances performance.
With the MILLTEC Thickness Grader, the material is processed through revolving cylindrical screens that are efficient for separating admixture of oversized or undersized grains.

Packaging Equipment

MILLTEC's grain filling packing machines are available in 2 models for packaging from 10kgs to 100kgs with single and double dosing options.