Vents & Exhausters

Maximize airflow while reducing static pressure and drying time.

Engineered for efficient operation in demanding installations with high airflow and high dust loads. Mechanical simplicity makes these weathertight filters mechanically superior.
Spun bond polyester media, others available upon request. 190°F Continuous operating temperature. Open pleat structure with wide pleat spacing to limit pleat pinching and bridging of product.
Much smaller than traditional bag houses. Many different media types and sizes are available to fit your custom applications.
Economical AIRLANCO Cyclones come in three models designated HE, HV, and RC. They operate without any filter media to clean or replace and are custom-made for their intended applications.
Used wherever dry solids need to be moved between areas of differing air pressure.
AIRLANCO Radial-Tip Industrial Fans are major components in dust collection systems and cyclone receiver installations and are also used for make-up air or general ventilation duty.
An air jet pulse bag cleaning system for the feed and grain industry. The collector allows for the discharge of clean air into the environment and protects against the loss of materials.
Explosion vent design. Optional extended work surface. Optional leg extensions. Mild or stainless steel.
Screw feeders are installed under bins or under a full head of product surge with excellent metering qualities for batching and maximum incline ability.
Use as spot filters to control dust on individual equipment or small systems and retain any dust collected within that system and as an air assist on the VIS FLEXMill Hammer Mill.