Fans & Heaters

A range of powerful fans and heating solutions to suit all your needs.

Since 1996, AGI has selected industry leading brands and equipment to build a diverse portfolio of products, systems, and solutions for farm and commercial operations.
High-pressure centrifugal fans ideal for temporary wet grain holding, deep storage, and facilities where high static pressures are required. Direct drive, rugged steel housings, and vibration-proof fan wheels.
Engineered for efficient, high-volume air delivery where storage depth is low to medium. Axial airfoil propellers are statically and dynamically balanced and secured to the motor shaft with a self-locking mechanism.
Designed to fit any sloped-roof or round metal bins without the need for special adapters. The removable top cover allows you to position and bolt the units in place before cutting holes and permits easy access.
Built for use on concrete tanks and can be installed on new or existing flat roofs. They are available in 24-inch, 2 hp and 40-inch 5 hp models with 10,200 and 27,600 cfm ratings, respectively.
Designed for aeration and grain-drying applications that provide maximum airflow at lower to medium static pressures, constructed from Galvanized 12 GA steel housing that resists rust.
High Speed Centrifugal Fans adapt to most aeration systems. Precision balanced steel fan wheel ensures maximum airflow and efficiency with weatherproof electrical controls.
Grain Guard In-Line Centrifugal Fan are strong, efficient and reliable with a steel constructed air-foil rotor, an aerodynamically designed inlet cone and weatherproof electrical controls.
AGI Grain Guard low temperature downstream heaters allow 24 hour grain drying when high humidity conditions prevail.
Highly efficient backward curved centrifugal fan units provide exceptional performance, together with a wide range of aeration systems designed specifically for FRAME FP & FC storage silos.
KEHO Air Pumps excel in the high static pressure ranges required by Pressure Cure® Drying to move greater volumes of air through the grain mass.
Westeel Circ-Air Aeration Systems’ round design provides more aeration with equal load distribution than square pits.
Westeel Half Round V and Inline Aeration Systems made with corrugated galvanized steel ducts add aeration to new or existing Standard Corr bins.