Protects your grain products from the inside of your storage facilities.

Grain Guard's experienced Research & Development team has innovated the Rocket Aeration System, yet again. Introducing the Next Generation Rocket!
Introducing the revolutionary Retro Rocket, the only do-it-yourself rocket system that allows you to retrofit existing hopper bottom and smooth-walled bins with farm proven Grain Guard aeration.
Ideal for conditioning and cooling grain. The new design includes laser-cut internal rings providing increased strength, as well as downward facing louvers that provide improved cleanout.
Designed for maximum airflow. The Helfer duct rocket penetrates the center of the bin to release air into the core, fan efficiency is increased by as much as 20%, and Static pressure is lowered.
Systems can be run in a straight line down the center, or can be designed to serve your specific needs. Systems can be custom-designed to your building size and the product to be aerated.
Level floor aeration system suited for use in the complete range of FP silos.
KEHO's Cross Duct Systems are offered in sizes to fit any bin or quonset.