AGI delivers “right fit-right farm” grain and fuel tank solutions

AGI on Frontline Farming, RFD-TV Canada, Wild-TV and Cowboy Canada

Airs Dec. 1 - Dec. 14, 2023:
AGI’s Derek Johnson and Brian Bateman caught up with Dianne Finstad, Frontline Farming TV Anchor, in Alberta, Canada for an AGI Farm update featured on 4 popular rural TV channels. They tell how diversity” is the name of the game in supplying right-sized grain and farm fuel tank solutions that meet the changing needs of today’s Canadian farm operations.

Derek Johnson, AGI Regional Sales Director, Prairie West says no two farms are alike. Our products are designed to move grain from point A to point B faster and more efficiently than ever before,” says Johnson. 

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Brian Bateman, AGI Director of Sales, AGI Liquid says buying a ULC fuel tank ensures that the farm fuel tank fittings are proper and safety measures are in place. Fuel is one of the biggest expenses on farm. A larger tank allows farmers to take advantage of lower fuel prices,” says Bateman.

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