AGI helps growers move and manage grain digitally

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How visible is grain in a grower’s bin? How can they better assess grain quality and manage the investment?

AGI Farmobile’s Harley Janssen feels the company’s BinManager automaton program provides a digital solution that allows growers to effectively tackle these questions.

In this interview from the Farm Progress Show at Boone, Iowa, Janssen, vice president of customer success, product and engineering for Farmobile, discusses how BinMangers’s sensors placed inside the grain bin, can make bin management safer while also providing a high level of bin and grain visibility. That adds up to safe and effective grain management, he says.

Data from BinManager sensors help growers understand how the grain is drying. The App also delivers a high level of remote control and automation, allowing growers to run fans, dryers and heaters only when productive. BinManager also monitors temperature and moisture levels in every sensor on every cable, providing a complete understanding of grain conditions and allowing for proactive management.

In the video, Janssen also discusses Farmobile’s Puc 5 device, designed for passively collecting machine and agronomic data. The hardware can be used in tractors, combines, sprayers and spreaders to collect operations and agronomic data that can be used to increase operatonal efficiency and shared with agronomic service providers to make better crop management decisions.