AGI SureTrack PileManager improves efficiency of Temp-Stor

High winds can threaten the protective tarps you have in place, causing them to become partially or fully detached. This can endanger your piled grain to the elements and grain losses. PileManager, by AGI SureTrack®, takes real-time readings of wind speeds and gusts. If winds hit a threshold you prescribe, the automated system initiates fans to run and creates the negative pressure needed to hold the tarp in place, protecting your grain.

Monitoring Inventory Pays off

  • Run-Time Efficiency - No more running the fans constantly to hold tarps down. PileManager will only run when wind activity is high, leading to significant energy savings.
  • Monitor Real-Time - View wind speeds and know when and how many fans are running to maintain the condition of your grain pile – viewable from anywhere at any time.
  • Sensor Accuracy - Know your readings are accurate. The PileManager anemometer is heated to eliminate ice build-up and keep readings accurate.

Hardware Reliability
PileManager contains a solid-state anemometer with no moving parts, providing years of worry-free operation. The anemometer provides wind speed measurements that are used by the PileManager processor to determine the number of fans needed to run to create enough negative pressure to keep a tarp down. A single PileManager system can operate up to sixteen (16) fans. Users can view an unlimited number of systems within AGI SureTrack.

Independent Fan Automation
The user customizes each PileManager system for the physical situation online using the AGI SureTrack platform. Each fan can be set by the user to operate at a specific wind speed. From there, the system operates automatically, and the results are displayed within AGI SureTrack. When multiple fans start, they will be staggered by three (3) seconds to limit peak line current.

Convenient Access
One of PileManager’s most unique and valuable features is its ability to be monitored wirelessly from any web-enabled device. From any remote, off-site location with internet connectivity, you can access your account, view the conditions of your stored commodity, and adjust wind-speed threshold settings when necessary.

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