AGI and Allied Grain Systems

AGI’s Regional Business Manager for APAC Peter Forster sat down with Managing Director and Founder of Allied Grain Systems, John White to discuss their historic partnership and how they work together to deliver grain storage and handling solutions to customers across Australia.

John White’s family have been involved in Australian Agriculture since 1911. He founded Allied Grain Systems back in 2004, bringing together his in mechanical engineering and experience designing and building grain conveying and storing systems. It was a natural progression for John to start his own company. Today, Allied Grain Systems is an Australian leader in the design and construction of grain storage and handling equipment for both farm and commercial applications.

What makes the unique and important partnership between AGI and Allied Grain Systems work their ability to recognize each other’s strengths and combine them to create the best product for Australian customers.

The Australian market faces challenges that differ from AGI’s manufacturing hub in North America. Due to Australia’s warmer climate, stored grain can become too warm, acting as a hotbed for insects to breed. During and after harvest time, the warmth and moisture in the grain bin migrate to the center creating a perfect environment for insects to breed and grow.


The solution: sealing the grain silo. John White and his team work to ensure every grain bin installed complies with Australian standards and can be fumigated effectively. Sealing the silo allows for precise fumigation for grain silos if and when the problem of insects arise. This allows the fumigate to remain in the bin for a long enough time and maintain high gas concentrations to be effective in eradicating the insects. If a farmer has a faulty seal on his bins, the insects may survive the fumigant, building a resistance to the chemical.

Working together with AGI’s bins, Allied Grain Systems both modifies and creates the right combination of accessories to ensure the bin will seal. With over a decade of innovation and development, Allied has worked to deliver one of the most trusted sealed bins in the Australian market. The Allied team provides quality assurance by running a silo pressure test, demonstrating and educating the client on how to seal and test the bin before fumigating.


“A lot of our competitors will just tell the client the bin is sealed and finish the job and walk off,” comments John White. “We took the opinion that if we didn’t lead the industry in sealing bins then we would be following someone else, so we decided to be a leader.”

This is one of the real examples of how the Allied and AGI partnership works together to deliver the right solution for Australian farmers. This and many more are discussed through the hour  interview. If you missed the live stream presentation during AGI Live, you can now watch it on demand by visiting AGI’s YouTube channel. If you have any questions or want to reach out to Peter Forster directly, contact To learn more about AGI and Allied Grain Systems’ full catalog of equipment and services visit