Grain Structures


AGI grain structures include machine and supporting towers, heavy duty catwalks, ladders, and staircase structures that enhance your grain life-cycle maintenance needs and systems. AGI structures also feature galvanized and bolted construction which allows for ease of assembly on site. All AGI grain structures can be scaled for unique customer needs.

Grain Structure Systems

A leading manufacturer of grain storage, handling, and conditioning equipment including grain bins, bucket elevators, dryers, and cleaners.
High-quality catwalks, conveyor support systems, and leg support towers for grain and bulk handling. Precision engineered, they are the strongest structural systems on the market.
Steel silos, hoppers, sweep and discharge augers, chain and flight conveyors, bucket elevators, and cleaning, drying and other equipment for commercial and cereal storage systems.
High quality all-steel and wood-steel buildings designed and fabricated according to AISI and AISC specifications and guidelines provided by the Metal Building Systems Manual.
A broad spectrum of material handling and storage equipment for use in commercial markets including temporary grain storage, bucket elevators, drag conveyors and structural equipment.
On-farm and commercial grain handling and storage solutions, as well as storage and containment systems to meet the needs of the petroleum, water and industrial sectors. Available worldwide.

Success Stories

Working with UkrBud, AGI developed the highest capacity elevator in the Port of Mykolaiv, Ukraine.