Fertilizer plays an integral role in the growing process by providing key nutrients that customers need to nourish their soil and crops. AGI specializes in delivering exceptional complete solutions that allow for superior receiving, blending, conveying and loading for customer applications. Utilizing a combination of innovative technology, automation, and software solutions, AGI provides an uncompromised level of accuracy throughout fertilizer storage, blending, and usage in both dry and liquid applications.

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Equipment and solutions for bulk fertilizer and industrial material handling, from engineering and design to manufacturing and installation.

AGI is a global leader in delivering high-quality, cost-effective total fertilizer solutions to our customers. Whether you require volumetric/declining weight, conveying, batch blending, tower blending or in-plant receiving systems AGI is your one stop solution around the world.

Fertilizer Systems and Solutions

AGI provides customers with industry leading storage products to protect and preserve the quality of their fertilizer. Customized solutions based on project goals and needs are available. AGI also delivers large scale storage solutions that can withstand the harshest use-cases.
AGI fertilizer structures are engineered and designed to provide integrated solutions and complete systems for your fertilizer applications. AGI engineers and manufactures machine and supporting towers, heavy duty catwalks, ladders, and staircase structures that enhance your fertilizer operations.
AGI remains the largest manufacturer of handling equipment globally. AGI manufactures efficient liquid and dry fertilizer handling equipment for all aspects of the fertilizer use-cycle including receiving and blending to load-outs and dust-control.
AGI provides controls for operating facilities with automated systems to meter, measure, and blend fertilizers. Our solutions allow a single operator to run an entire blending plant from a wireless network.
AGI invests in extensive research and development specifically for fertilizer facilities and applications. AGI also provides custom installations when customer projects require specialized attention.
AGI can effectively manage all fertilizer project needs from concept to implementation. We are also equipped to provide full-onsite installation teams to increase project feasibility while reducing overall project timelines.