Reduce labor needs with a permanent grain handling system

Farmers looking for a solution to transfer grain with speed and efficiency while being gentle, protecting quality and reducing labor requirements, may want to consider a permanent grain handling system.

Not every farm operation needs a permanent handling solution, but most could benefit from a partially or fully automatic system to receive, transfer and ship their grain safely all at the push of a button. AGI offers several permanent grain handling options that are cost-effective, reliable and fit all farm sizes and budgets. For the right farm, it pairs cost-effective grain handling power and efficiency with hands-free versatility to deliver the farm’s high-capacity, seasonal harvest needs.

AGI’s C-Line material handling equipment is suitable for farm applications and some light commercial applications. It can efficiently handle whole grains up to 10,400 bushels per hour and includes bucket elevators with discharge heights up to 150’, bulk flo chain conveyors with receiving hoppers and inclined discharge options up to 45 degrees and en-masse chain conveyors for level transferring of grain.

Here are some of the benefits of a permanent handling system:

  • Right fit: A permanent handling system is made for farms of all sizes, especially small to medium grain operations.
  • Ease of operation: AGI’s permanent grain handling offers fully automated, push-button grain transfer, eliminating the need to move augers.
  • Save time and labor: AGI’s permanent grain handling equipment is time efficient and requires only one person to operate it. With today’s shrinking pool of reliable farm labor, the system reduces labor requirements significantly.
  • Gain real estate: Moving augers around the yard requires space. A permanent handling system takes up less real estate on your yard.
  • Reduces costs: Because it runs on electricity, no additional fuel or farm equipment is required to move grain.
  • Minimum maintenance: The system requires minimal maintenance adding to a farm’s efficiency.
  • Gentle handling: If the focus is on gentle grain handling or protecting quality for seed stock, a permanent conveyor may be the right fit.
  • Safe: Since the system is fully automated and hands-free, it is safe to operate.
  • AGI believes in a right fit, right farm strategy. Farmers should consider their options to determine what is right for their farming operation.

    Tips for guiding a decision:

  • Define what you want to accomplish.
  • Consider the volume of crops you will be handling, now and over the next five years.
  • Review the equipment you already have in place and determine what adds the most value to your farm’s current setup.
  • Ask for help. It’s all about finding the right fit and AGI is here to help.
  • Contact your local AGI dealer to learn more about AGI permanent handling equipment.

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