New AGI swingaway augers offer durability, efficiency and serviceability

These new augers deliver affordable versatility and a wide range of options for high-capacity performance to suit diverse farm and yard conditions. The AGI Westfield MKX² and AGI Hutchinson HX² augers are available in up to 125-foot lengths and 10, 13 and 16-inch tube diameters with capacities up to 23,000 bushels per hour.

Here are three reasons why you need to take a serious look at AGI’s newest additions to its portable auger lineup:

1. Durability: Built tough for less downtime

The new augers are built to be long-lasting for a tough environment. AGI’s focus on continuous improvement to meet customer needs is showcased in an improved design that reinforces critical wear points. The AGI Westfield MKX² augers feature Wear Edge Technology™ in the hopper flights, transition flight, swing tube flight and lower flight. Tapered bearings increase lifespan along with hanger bearings that support the lower flight. These bearings reduce noise and enhance the assembly process. Augers 84-feet and longer feature steel tube trusses, which add strength and stability. AGI Hutchinson HX² augers feature Abrasive Resistant (AR) flighting in high stress grain transfer areas. AR flighting lasts three times longer than regular flighting, saving time and money. The larger capacity HX² augers (13- inch and 16-inch series) come standard with AR flightings, located in areas where grain changes direction (hopper flights, swing tube flights, lower main flights, etc.).

2. Efficiency: Requires less HP

The design of the new open discharge spout at the top of these augers is industry leading. The discharge spout delivers a faster, more efficient flow of grain out of the tube to reduce plugging and requires significantly less horsepower (up to 20 percent) to handle the same amount of grain. The open discharge spout is available on all AGI Westfield MKX² and AGI Hutchinson HX² options.

3. Serviceability: Ease of access for maintenance

AGI’s hardworking series include easy-to-access service points allowing for quick inspection and maintenance of hopper u-joints, chains and bearings. Larger access and clean-out doors on the boot provide easy entry to internal gearboxes and bearings. This not only helps to extend the lifespan of equipment, this feature eases maintenance and servicing and helps to reduce downtime.

For more than six decades, AGI brands have led the auger industry by improving efficiency and bottom line for farmers. AGI’s portable grain handling equipment is recognized for being manufactured with quality materials, components and features that provide value and performance. Check out the value-added options available.

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