Handle the toughest conditions on your farm with AGI swingaway augers

Key features include:
  • AR boot flight: Abrasion resistant boot flighting for increased longevity. Standard on both 13” and 16” models
  • Removable shafts: Separate boot flighting with removable shafts making maintenance easier  
  • Hanger bearing: Supports boot flight and reduces noise
  • Clean out doors: Easier servicing with inspection hatches and clean out doors on both sides of the boot  
  • Trussing: Aircraft cable trussing to give it more strength
  • Towing lights: For added safety when towing on the road at night
  • Steerable axle: To improve maneuverability. Optional on 13” model and standard on 16” model
  • Open discharge spout: Provides a more efficient flow and reduces the horsepower requirements by about 20%
  • Tapered bearing: New tapered bearing at the top for an increased lifespan

Don’t forget to set and adjust your PTO and hitch height so you don’t damage the shaft. Refer to your manual for proper settings.
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Watch Travis Frey, Territory Sales Manager, review the key features of the AGI Westfield MKX2 swingaway augers in these videos.

Get the best performance out of your AGI swingaway auger

Avoid costly breakdowns during harvest by doing maintenance on your AGI swingaway auger now. Here are some pre-harvest maintenance tips.

  • If you’ll be using a new or different tractor with your auger, realign the hitch to ensure proper spacing between the PTO shaft and tractor. Consult the manual for specific distances.
  • If your auger settled during the winter months, tighten up the truss cables.
  • Open the gearbox and check fluid levels, grease the u-joint and check the chain. 
  • Torque all tires and check the air pressure.
  • Check the lift cable for frays.

Get more tips from Richard Peters, AGI Territory Sales Manager, in this video.

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