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What tank options does AGI Westeel provide?

The AGI Westeel product line boasts a wide range of tanks catering to various commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential needs. Offering UL (United States and Worldwide), ULC (Canada), Transport Canada/UN (Canada), API Modified tanks (Worldwide) and non-code tanks (Worldwide), AGI adheres to the highest standards of safety and quality. UL/ULC serves as the foundational design for all shop fabricated tanks due to its rigorous testing and meticulous engineering, ensuring responsible and reliable use in diverse applications. Non-code tanks offer flexibility for specialized applications where regulatory compliance may not be mandatory, providing tailored solutions without compromising on quality or reliability.

What are the size ranges for AGI Westeel shop fabricated tanks?

All shop fabricated tanks designed and built by AGI Westeel are fabricated in one of two dedicated facilities, ensuring quality and consistency across the product range. The biggest limitation to tank size is the ability to transport tanks across North America, so the size ranges have been carefully designed to accommodate transportation constraints while meeting diverse storage needs.

AGI Westeel truck mount transportable (slip) tanks are available in Canada only and span sizes from 280L to 1,030L, ideal for on-the-go applications. Bed mount transportable tanks are also limited to Canada and range from 2,100L to 4,500L. For stationary storage, horizontal tanks can be shipped worldwide and come in sizes from 450L/120 gallons to a massive 200,000L/50,000 gallon, while vertical tanks come in increased maximum capacities to 230,000L/60,000 gallons. The hybrid rectangular stationary/transportable Cross-Vaults cover a range of 1,100L/290 gallons to 4,500L in Canada and 790 gallons in the US configuration. Vertical oval tanks are available from 280L/80 gallons to 1,135L/300 gallons.

What is the difference between UL, ULC, API and non-code?

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) are independent organizations that provide certification and testing services for various products including tanks. Tanks that are UL or ULC listed have been tested and certified by these organizations to meet specific safety and performance standards.

API (American Petroleum Institute) standards are widely used in the oil and gas industry for tank design, fabrication and inspection. Tanks built to API standards are typically designed for specific applications within the oil and gas sector and must adhere to rigorous guidelines set by the API.

Non-code tanks refer to tanks that are not built to any specific regulatory code or standard. These tanks may still be designed and constructed to meet certain performance criteria, but they lack the formal certification and oversight provided by organizations like UL, ULC or API. Non-code tanks may be suitable for certain applications where regulatory compliance is not required or where custom designs are preferred.

In the case of AGI Westeel, API tanks are shop fabricated and designed using a blend of API and UL/ULC design criteria. Where API tanks are required, AGI Westeel provides tanks considered API Modified. API Modified tanks maintain compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations while, at the same, offer flexibility to meet specific project requirements or site conditions.

What are the size ranges for AGI Westeel field erected tanks?

AGI Westeel field erected tanks are designed primarily for water storage applications. Available worldwide, these tanks come in both open top and roofed configurations. Sizes for open top tanks range from less than 4500L/1000 gallons to as large as 21MM L/5.5MM gallons. Sizes for roofed tanks go to 2MM L/544,000 gallons.

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