The improved durable boot is built to last longer and make inspection and servicing easier, while also making life easier with a better PTO holder and an additional holder to store hoses.

Open discharge spout

  • More efficient flow
  • 20% HP reduction
  • New tapered bearing for increased lifespan


Steerable axle

  • Improved maneuverability
  • Optional on 13”, standard on 16”


Redesigned boot

  • Separate boot flight with removable shafts
  • AR boot flight standard (13” and 16”)
  • Hanger bearing supports boot flight and reduces noise
  • Easier inspections and servicing with dual side boot clean-out doors (13”)
HX² 10"
Length 63’ – 83’
BPH Up to 6,000
Frame Stable scissor lift frame
HX² 13"
Diameter 13”
Length 74’ – 114’
BPH Up to 11,000
Frame (Scissor) Stable scissor lift frame (74' - 94')
Frame (A-frame) Strong A-frame support (114')
HX² 16"
Diameter 16"
Length 85’ – 125’
BPH Up to 23,000
Frame A-frame

HX2 Specs.pngHX2 Specs.png

Hopper Options



13" / 16"

  • Retracts and moves side to side
  • Low profile hopper with dual flighting
  • Hydraulic controls




  • Drive-over belt-driven hopper
  • Reinforced drive-over deck and ramps
  • Mechanical drive hopper 



10" / 13" / 16"

  • 12V remote electric or hydraulic drive

X-Tend Retracting Swing Auger

X-Tend Retracting Swing Auger

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