AGI Digital is a suite of technologies that activate and automate field, fleet, and bin data so you can get more out of every acre. Our mission is to deliver unprecedented customization and data to optimize visibility, flexibility, control, documentation and value across your operations – from field to bin and beyond. 

Optimize field, fleet and bin

We take your business to the next level with technology that delivers unparalleled value with automation, control, remote monitoring, 24/7 data access, and LIVE and historic documentation to track grain’s lifecycle from field to bin. 

Record field and fleet data. Capture and normalize agronomic and machine data across a mixed fleet, as you work. Easy to self-install, Farmobile collects data all season long to record a complete, field-level crop story. Monitor fleet and field performance in LIVE or historic view. Access, share and export data via mobile and desktop with trusted advisors.
AGI is the leader in bin monitoring, aeration, fans and in-bin conditioning. Our newest bin monitoring technology allows you to have safe access to the grain; controls, alerts and monitoring in the palm of your hand; and the industry’s best automated conditioning designed to maximize your profit.
Protect what’s yours. Enhance grain handling and storage safety with real-time feedback delivered by HazMon’s network of sensors installed on a range of machinery (belt conveyors, bucket elevators, drag conveyors, fans, blowers, etc.). Be proactive with maintenance and repairs. Reduce dust explosion hazards while increasing overall productivity.
AGI COMPASS is a full-scale software system (ERP) specifically designed for Agricultural Retail and Equipment Dealers. It is time-tested and true with more than 15 years of proven success across North America.