In April 2022, AGI quickly organized a plan to source and deliver urgently needed medical supplies to the people of Ukraine. The #StepUp4Ukraine initiative included our partners — the St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation (a publicly registered charity) and Mohawk Medbuy Corporation (a not-for-profit procurement expert) — as well as AGI customers and employees located on the ground in Ukraine. Together, this team was able to source medical supplies, organize international shipping, and navigate on-the-ground logistics to ensure deliveries were made to hospitals and emergency medical units.
With the generosity of individual and corporate contributors, the #StepUp4Ukraine initiative raised more than $635,000. Funds were used to process, purchase, package, and transport thousands of boxes of life-saving medical supplies. Approximately 125 unique medical items, ranging from bandages and tourniquets to oxygen masks and resuscitators, were delivered through eleven separate shipments.


AGI St. Boniface, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a proud sponsor of the annual Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides walk. In 2022, despite the rain, AGI had a strong turnout to support the event which surpassed its goal of raising more than $75,000.
AGI St. Boniface is also an active supporter of the annual Habitat for Humanity Ride Around the Lake. This year marked another tremendously successful event with 45 riders raising over $400,000. This amount ensures that three new homes will be built for deserving families in Manitoba, Canada. In June and July 2022, AGI St. Boniface organized a Seine River cleanup which sought to remove waste from around the Seine River that runs adjacent to the plant. AGI employees organized two cleanup days which resulted in almost 1,500 kilograms of waste being removed from the area.

The AGI St. Boniface team also contributed with a variety of other initiatives including volunteering drives with the local humane society, fixing damaged playground equipment, and supporting a variety of organizations that help those who are less fortunate.

AGI Nobleford is involved in a number of activities including clothing drives, community parades, Christmas fundraising, and food drives throughout the year.
The AGI Olds team makes giving back a part of their monthly routine by organizing “Good Food Boxes” consisting primarily of fresh produce and other healthy food items on a regular basis. Contents are organized into six large boxes and distributed through local community centers that support those in need.
The AGI Rosenort team leads a number of charitable programs including Habitat for Humanity and Movember. The Christmas Charity Raffle was a major success in 2021, with two local charities receiving $8,500 each.


In April 2022, AGI Brazil organized and donated food to a local social project called SOPÃO (soup project), which helps people in an underserved neighborhood in the city of Assis, close to the AGI Brazil plant. Food provided included meal staples as well as chocolate easter eggs for children.

In July 2022, AGI Brazil again organized and donated food to the “Junina Party” of the local SOPÃO project. Across both events, including the one in April, AGI Brazil supported with ~$5,000 Canadian dollars in addition to the time of local team members who volunteered to organize and support the event. Throughout 2022, AGI Brazil also made medical supply donations to local hospitals and elderly care centers that totaled ~$5,000 Canadian dollars.


In September 2022, AGI India organized a blood donation drive which included contribution from 194 employees across all facilities in Bangalore.

United States

In October 2022, AGI Omaha in Nebraska raised and donated over 1,000 pounds of food for local food banks. Throughout 2022, AGI’s Clay Centre facility in Kansas donated to food banks, contributed to charity golf tournaments, and provided scholarships for graduating high school students starting college or technical school.
AGI's Grand Island facility in Nebraska is very active in supporting their community. Activities include organizing city-wide cleanups, repeated donations to local hospitals and schools, significant efforts to raise funds and donations for those less fortunate, and providing a variety of scholarships to local students.
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