The AGI Peloton is a concept borrowed from cycling wherein a group of people working together achieves much more than an individual could ever hope to achieve alone. Through our AGI Peloton we are supporting charities and important causes around the world where each AGI division is focusing on relevant and local initiatives in order to give back to our communities and draw our communities into the AGI Peloton.
NFB Disaster Relief
In March of 2019 an environmental disaster occurred throughout the Midwest. A cyclone tore through many parts of America causing more than $1 billion in damages. The Nebraska Farm Bureau Disaster Relief Fund was established to provide financial relief to farmers, ranchers, and rural communities that have been affected by the recent environmental disasters. AGI MFS/York/Stormor/Brownie have come together to raise over $12,000 to the NFB Relief Fund. 100% of all donations received go directly to aiding the affected groups. We ask you to join us in aiding the men and women who help to put food on our tables.
Mission & Values
At AGI our mission is to advance storage, handling and processing solutions that strengthen the global food supply chain
We’re building our diverse team of people around the world in planning, project management, engineering, and manufacturing
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