Learn About Material Handling

Learn About Material Handling

AGI manufactures material handling solutions for the feed, fertilizer and grain handling industries. The AGI Material Handling product line includes bucket elevators, drag, belt and screw conveyors, distributors, gates and diverter valves. AGI works together with their clients on system design to determine the best selection of equipment for their application. For over 50 years, AGI has held a reputation for designing and producing reliable heavy-duty equipment that can withstand severe processing applications at competitive industry prices. AGI has developed a complete line of products including the round bottom, bulk flo, and enmasse conveyors to service the FEED industry.


AGI is an industry leader in feed storage solutions. Our products provide superior storage for Feed facilities of all sizes. From local farmers to global partners, we are dedicated to defending the hard work and investment of our clients. We are problem solvers at heart and leverage communication and collaboration to create storage solutions that work.


AGI staff are expertly trained in FEED design. Their experience and careful attention to customer feedback result in consistently superior equipment design and manufacturing. AGI manufactures premier bulk material handling equipment suitable for Feed systems.

Enclosed Belt Conveyor

AGI manufactures a line of premier commercial enclosed, dust-tight and self-reloading conveyors, designed for installation in grain handling facilities, soy and corn processing operations and industrial operations. The containment of explosive grain dust emission greatly increases employee safety, while also keeping the operating area clear of hazardous debris.


AGI designs, manufactures, and markets hazard monitoring and grain storage management systems to the grain, feed, and milling industries. HazMon develops systems built around advanced digital technology that can be utilized easily and cost effectively while improving process efficiency and safety.


AGI is recognized as one of the premier providers of high-quality all-steel buildings in the United States. Our structures are the most versatile products in the market fulfilling numerous building installations including Commercial, Industrial, Ag Related, Aviation, Government, Religion, Retail and Storage. AGI provides an unbeatable combination of quality, versatility, value, and support making us your ideal choice.

Dust Control

AGI is a world class manufacturer of air management equipment specializing in the design of custom solutions for a wide range of industries. AGI makes dependable centrifugal and axial fans, ducting, transitions and other sheet metal and aeration products. Our aeration systems are custom built for each installation to provide optimum storage conditions for farm bins and major terminals.