Hi Roller® specializes in the custom design of enclosed belt conveyors to match your specific application. Our team of designers works closely with you to develop customized accessories to assure a successful installation. Approval drawings are generated for individual conveyors. We take in to consideration the unique aspects of your installation and customize inlets and discharges to assure that product is not only introduced to the belt in the proper way, but also discharged properly.

In addition to more conventional inlets and discharges, many customized accessories are available and highlighted below. These accessories are custom designed to your specific application.

Shuttle Conveyors
Hi Roller® has manufactured open-top as well as enclosed-top shuttle conveyors for filling truck, rail, or stationary storage structures. Single or bi-directional and reloading, we can custom design a system to meet your needs.

Split Trunking
As higher capacity conveyor trunking increases in size and depth, mechanical or vulcanized belt splicing can be facilitated by incorporating a section of split conveyor trunking. Rather than lifting the slack conveyor belt above the trunking, the conveyor sides and troughing idler can be removed – allowing you to splice the belt in place.  This allows you to obtain a high tension on the belt prior to splicing, saving you take-up adjustment.

Quick Draw Idlers
In many retrofit applications large equipment is being installed within limited space or tight against walls or columns. Our designers will work with you to determine any obstructions that would impede access to bearing removal.   Our quick draw idlers incorporate a bearing and frame on the inaccessible side of the conveyor and a large inspection door on the walkway side of the conveyor. The complete idler, shafts, and bearings can be removed out one side of the conveyor for replacement.

Grease Tubes
When installing conveyor trunking along a wall or on a catwalk utilizing a single walkway, Hi Roller® can incorporate grease tubes and brackets so that all bearings can be lubricated from one side of the conveyor.

Conveyor Supports
Various installations will require different types of conveyor supports.  Hi Roller® will custom design conveyor supports to compliment your installation. Whether welded or clamped to catwalk cross members, anchored to the floor, or incorporated with ceiling hangers. Our customized supports will facilitate a swift, proper installation of conveyor trunking (additional rigid support of the head and tail assembly is required by Hi Roller®).

Cut-outs For Belt Misaligment Sensors
The proper installation, operation, maintenance, and safety of our equipment are of the utmost importance.  During the approval drawing process we will identify the proper placement of rub blocks, touch switches, or other monitoring devices of your preference and provide the cut-outs and/or mounting brackets for these devices.

V-Wheel Tail Assembly Support
Our reloading tail pulley is extremely rugged and extremely heavy.  The optional V-wheel tail assembly support used in conjunction with the customer-supplied inverted angle iron track keeps the tail assembly level as the conveyor belt is tensioned.

Customization Of Inlets And Discharges
When we place our name on our conveyors, we take on the responsibility of the proper application and operation of the equipment. The easy way out would be to supply a standard inlet and standard discharge – allowing the customer to alter it to suit their needs. We do the opposite. At the risk of upsetting our customer, our designers will push yours for as much information as possible about the installation. It is in both our best interests that we take the time prior to manufacturing to customize the inlet and discharge to suit your specific needs.  We take into consideration all spouting slopes and angles, assuring even loading and belt tracking as well as proper discharge without product build-up or the boiling and backing up of material.

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