Incorporating a reversible, stationary winch and cable, the intermediate discharge travels along the length of the conveyor. As the conveyor belt passes through the intermediate discharge, material is diverted around the sides of the conveyor to the product pile below.

Available Features (Many of which come standard on all intermediate discharges):

  • Enclosed bottom allows you to handle multiple commodities and fill individual bays within your building without concerns of carry-over and spillage possible with open bottom conveyors
  • The conveyor idlers serve as the rolling support for the intermediate discharge
  • Reversible winch with continuous loop cable and sheaves
  • Urethane, ceramic, or other wear liners
  • The moveable tripper incorporates easily adjustable and removable tripper pulleys
  • All tripper bearings are mounted externally
  • The moveable plow has three individually adjustable blades which divert the main product stream, the remaining product stream, and the fines off the surface of the conveyor belt
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