Engineered for durability and low maintenance, the AGI tapered vertical blender’s solid construction assures you years of dependable service. Each is constructed with heavy gage stainless materials, and all outside seams are double welded for strength and durability.

The AGI vertical blender blends more quickly than most conventional and competitive blenders – in fact, it’s one of the fastest vertical blenders in the industry. Large tapered augers ensure gentle but efficient blending, drawing material up through the auger and down the sides of the hopper to deliver a complete blend in only minutes!

Choose hopper-fed or top-fed

Hopper-fed vertical blenders provide the convenience of loading blenders with end-loaders or manual dumpers, while top-fed vertical blenders allow for conveyor feeding directly into the top of the blender as in larger blending systems. AGI offers both, so you can choose the one that’s just right for your operation.


AGI Fertilizer Systems - Batch Blending

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