Tower Blend Systems

The AGI Tower Blend System is designed for high-capacity, high precision blends in both retail and wholesale use.

Our advanced system assures you that iquid impregnation coatings and powder micronutrients will be thoroughly blended in – all during the blending process and at no cost to throughput speed.

The standard tower features our reliable and proven high performance dual shaft mixing blender, combined with an extremely efficient paddle mixing process. Together they deliver fast loading, fast mixing and fast discharge to your waiting customers, or to a large loadout hopper.  And as always, AGI systems are designed to meet the most stringent engineering standards, through the use of heavy-duty stainless materials and heavy-duty drive components, as well as human, equipment, and process safety features to help protect your entire blending operation.

Additional Features
  • Modular designs requiring minimal field welding and swift installations
  • Stair access system from the main deck to top of bucket elevator leg
  • Fast pass-through loadout for straight wholesale loads
  • NTEP rated, legal for trade load cells
  • Non-corrosive platform decking for safety and years of durability
  • Electrically actuated stainless steel distributors
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